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What We Can Do for You

Liquid Sachets

  • Width set at 80mm

  • Length variable dependent on volume and product type

  • Min weight 10g

  • Max weight 110g

  • Plain or printed film

Liquid or Dry Doy Pouch

  • Any sizes can be accommodated between 50g and 50kg

  • Plain or printed materials

Liquid Portion Pots

  • 45mm, 60mm, and 70mm diameter pots available, variable fill sizes from 15g to 100g.

  • Pet film or foil lids on all varieties

  • Plain or printed lids on all varieties

  • Recyclable

Liquid Jerry Cans

  • 0.5kg to 25kg

Bag in Box

  • 3l

Liquid or Dry Plastic Tubs & Jars

  • 20g – 1kg

Dry Sachets

  • 75mm and  120mm width, length variable dependent on product density

  • Weight range 2g – 100g

  • Printed and plain material, pet, foil and paper backed

Product Cartoning

  • Automated line for inserting product or multiple product into shelf ready cartons.

Hand Packing and Labelling

  • We also offer hand packing, collating items for retail etc.

  • We will look at any form of plastic packaging, we are very keen to improve what we can offer.

  • All products are coded or labelled to customers specification.

Other Services

  • Retail own branded products or business to business services available.

  • If you require any further information please get in touch.

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